IT安全威胁每天都在增加,公司都在努力跟上. 与LBMC技术解决方案, you can scale up your security resources without adding staff – saving you time and money, 同时增加您数据的安全性.

HB火博体育app官网会帮助你成功的. 网络的需求可以根据组织的规模和类型而变化. Determining how to best protect your assets and educate your employees can present unexpected and unique challenges. If you’re looking for some guidance on how to best secure your networks, just let us know. HB火博体育app官网今天就可以帮你开始.


对对称”手术, LBMC首先帮助HB火博体育app官网实现基本操作中的最佳实践, coming alongside our internal resources to provide additional help in network infrastructure, 帮助台操作, 以及国际定位支持. 从那时起, LBMC has played a key role in providing a significant amount of expertise in ever-changing areas such as cyber-security and database optimization. HB火博体育app官网重视与LBMC技术解决方案的合作关系.”
Scott Kunkle是Symmetry Surgical的首席财务官
“Since 1996, LBMC 技术 解决方案 has been our software development partner. 在这20多年的关系中,HB火博体育app官网要求LBMC创建, 实现和支持更多业务关键型应用程序. 没有他们的专业知识, 专业和敬业精神,按时执行, HB火博体育app官网就不会是今天的公司.”
“I must say how great it has been to work with Robert and his Network 政府 team and that LBMC 技术 解决方案’ has done an extraordinary job. It is very gratifying to enjoy such a long-term relationship with a partner like LBMC 技术 解决方案’, 对我个人来说相当于15年, 在我需要他们的时候,他们一次又一次地帮助我. We look forward to continuing the work between FRN and LBMC 技术 解决方案’ going forward.”


什么是防火墙? 在根, a firewall is your first line of defense in network security and monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic. 这是业务安全性中的核心组件.

无论你是大公司还是小公司, 针对系统和用户的密集攻击是持续的. 因为这个原因, it is critical that you have a strong firewall solution that includes the latest threat protection using security best practices.

LBMC 技术 解决方案 partners with industry leaders to offer clients best-in-class firewall products. HB火博体育app官网使用各种各样的网络安全服务, 从标准IPS, URL过滤, 网关AV, 应用程序控制, 和反垃圾邮件, 用于对抗高级威胁(如文件沙箱)的服务, 预防数据丢失, 勒索软件保护和更多.


  • 防火墙配置满足行业安全最佳实践
  • 威胁监视
  • 威胁和用户活动报告
  • 更新防火墙软件以抵御最新的威胁


移动设备是大多数企业的一种生活方式. Keeping these mobile devices secure is a huge challenge for many organizations. Developing a mobile application strategy that fits the needs of your business while helping your team stay productive and secure is important in any business strategy.

LBMC 技术 解决方案 is proud to offer 移动设备管理 through Microsoft Intune. 移动设备生态系统可能非常多样化, 和Intune可以安全地管理iOS, 窗户, 和roid和MacOS设备从一个单独, 统一的移动解决方案. 为你的用户提供他们所需要的,让他们无论在哪里都能做到最好, 无论他们选择哪个设备.


  • 在云计算中实现更高的IT效率——不再有内部服务器
  • 保护您的敏感数据,无论设备注册
  • 支持任何类型的移动设备
  • 各种可用的管理场景


过去拥有一个好的、强大的密码的日子已经一去不复返了. 和, let’s face it – most people never really had a good password; and if they did, 它被粘在他们的显示器上. 这就是多因素身份验证(MFA)的作用所在. 它结合了一些你知道的东西(i.e. 你的密码)和你有的东西(i.e. code from your mobile phone) to deliver a much more secure authentication method.

因为现在每个人都带着手机, 你不再需要昂贵的令牌卡或钥匙链来实现MFA. A company can send a temporary code to your mobile phone via text or call to complete the authentication process. Even if someone knows your password, they will not have the code, which only lasts for seconds. LBMC 技术 解决方案 can assist your business with securing your authentication process with an MFA solution.


  • 安全网络
  • 令牌卡和密钥链不再需要

杀毒 & 反恶意软件

病毒的威胁, malware and other cyber terrorism acts have sadly become a part of our daily lives. Computer viruses were once simple and limited…now we are faced with advanced malware threats, 网络钓鱼诈骗, 关键伐木者, ransomware和更多. These virtual threats will attack you through every electronic method possible; infected bogus package delivery messages, 臭名昭著的有钱的尼日利亚王子, 试图加密组织中的每个文件的电子邮件附件, accidentally visiting an infected website – the perils are virtually everywhere.

你的组织需要一个警惕的保护系统. LBMC 技术 解决方案 provides a layered approach to addressing this ever-present threat. Our antivirus and anti-malware solutions are configured to provide highest levels of protection, 同时对系统性能的影响最小.


  • 防范黑客、病毒、恶意软件和泄露
  • 知道您的技术基础设施是安全的安心
  • 强大的保护和24小时监控
  • 可伸缩的服务,以满足组织的预算和不断演变的风险概况


就像HB火博体育app官网保护HB火博体育app官网的家和个人物品不受侵扰一样, 对HB火博体育app官网各组织的计算机网络也必须作出同样的努力. Intrusion prevention is the preemptive measure taken to identify potential threats and respond to them immediately.

在LBMC技术解决方案, we take a two-part approach to 入侵预防: managed intrusion prevention, 管理入侵保护.

We first identify hostile activity in real time and take immediate action to block and thwart undesirable network traffic; combine this with our 24/7 monitoring to immediately detect and report unauthorized access attempts and suspicious activities. Each alert includes a thorough analysis and specific steps to take to eliminate the threat.


  • 防范黑客、病毒、恶意软件和泄露
  • 知道您的技术基础设施是安全的安心
  • 强大的保护和24小时监控
  • 可伸缩的服务,以满足组织的预算和不断演变的风险概况


For over 20 years, LBMC 技术 解决方案 has been inspiring greatness through technology. We understand how important a reliable technology infrastructure is to your one-of-a-kind business. 作为你的伴侣, HB火博体育app官网评估您独特的业务流程和当前系统, 然后找出并应用最有效的解决方案.

LBMC 技术 解决方案 is an award-winning reseller of recognizable industry standard software. 如果您的业务需求超出了一个开箱即用的软件所能提供的范围, we will tailor a custom software solution to fit your specific business needs.

HB火博体育app官网的顾问建立联系, 培养创新, 建立持续的沟通, and collaborate with you to architect the best system integration option to help you run your business better. We value our clients’ experience and have made it a critical part of our solutions to ensure we are earning your trust and becoming a long-term partner as your company grows.

是否需要补充或外包单一功能, 需要一个你可以信任的盟友, 或者是在市场上寻求全面的商业合作伙伴, LBMC 技术 解决方案 and our Family of Companies can simply be whatever your business needs us to be.